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My Diet Starts Tomorrow

One day, my friend & co-writer, Helena and I got together to write. She arrived & the first thing she said was, “I feel fat today”. I looked at her: Helena is a gorgeous slim 5’10”, looks like Uma Thurman. I said, “Are you kidding me?” (like Chandler Bing) & she replied, “My clothes feel tight on me”. I realized you don’t have to be fat to feel fat. And that’s how we started writing “My Diet Starts Tomorrow”.

My Diet Starts Tomorrow (Single) mp3 | wma


"WHAT I WANT" was co-produced by Liz Tansey & Ralph Cole (guitarist, composer, producer and co-founding member of Lighthouse) and offers 11 songs, 7 of which were co-written by Liz. Subject matter ranges from love & lust to friendship, the homeless, biblical girls and taking a stand.
The icing on this musical cake is its closing song, "The Other Woman", written by Toronto actor/singer/songwriter Bill Colgate.
"Mama's Lies" was released to Canadian radio and received airplay on stations across the country. "...good lyrics presented in a talented, tasteful manner..." Carl Harris, Music Director, Great Valleys Radio.

Struck By Love mp3 | wma
Mama's Lies
mp3 | wma
Jawjackin' (You Do The Talkin')
Walkin' Guy (Watchin' For You)
mp3 | wma
Tough Old World
mp3 | wma
What I Want
mp3 | wma
I Think You Know
Hello Blues
The Other Woman mp3 | wma


My Writing Corner:

You Lifted Me Up” -Sharon Lee Williams, singing legend (“Hands Up”) & I got together to co-write a song we thought would be appropriate for one of the Idol shows. We wanted to write an inspirational song of gratitude. After we had worked on a lyrical idea that Sharon Lee came up with (“...I had a dream the other night...”)I sat at the piano while she sang. Sharon Lee has a great sense of feel when it comes to lyrics, making sure they sound “real”; I thought the chorus should lift (I believe that’s called prosody!) & we re-wrote the 2nd verse many times! Here’s a sample (mp3 | wma) with my friend, Lorraine Lawson, doing a simply amazing job singing “You Lifted Me Up”

The Honey I Want” – When I was in Nashville last year for Tin Pan South, David Leask, Suzie Vinnick & I went to a pub called The Saucer with many plates on the wall & a huge variety of beers, which made Dave especially happy. Suzie had an idea she’d been living with, “...The honey I want, don’t want me...” and I said it sounded like a song to me so we started writing on napkins right then & there.
We almost finished it while in Nashville but completed it back in Toronto. We recorded it at Dave’s studio with Suzie singing, playing guitar & bass (she’s just a wee bit talented) and I added some harmonies with Suzie. I’m thrilled that we won the International Songwriting Competition in the Blues category this year. Now we have to write another winner! mp3 | wma

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Liz's Music in Film

Fish Tale Soup

A Canadian film starring Rémy Girard (“The Barbarian Invasions”). David Bradstreet & Liz co-wrote the music and her voice is featured throughout the movie.



A thriller starring Rob Estes & Joely Fisher, in which 2 of Liz's songs, “What I Want” & “I Think You Know” are included.



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